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So terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

But I didn’t. Sleep, that is.

(following on from the last post)… I was too wired. Instead, I hit the ISA newsgroups again, and picked up a couple of fascinating questions. A couple of people had VPN problems with ISA 2004, but it turns out that the problems are different (and not obvious) – I’m still working through them with the people involved…. Read more

ISA 2004 Access Rules: A Self-Contained Universe of Possibility

NB I’m on cold & flu medication, so please forgive me if I’m a tad scattered, or even weirder than usual. I was having fevered semi-dreams of something to do with a wireless access point, and somehow, every time I swallowed, the clients disconnected. And it was an important customer. Enough, I thought, and hit the… Read more

I’m Barnacular.

That word is mine now. Ben The Virtual PC Guy has another post on OS nostalgia. It’s starting to make me feel old! I’m really enjoying his blogs, because – at least so far – I share similar experiences. Back in the Good Old Days, I coaxed Windows 3.0 into running in Real Mode (remember when… Read more

The EBTDF Ninja Feature Award

Inaugurated in October 2004, the EBTDF Ninja Feature award marks a truly kickass (can I say kickass on MSDN?) feature. Each EBTDF Ninja Award recipient is listed below in the Hall of Fame.   The EBTDF Ninja Feature Hall Of Fame   Small Business Server 2003: Remote Web Workplace Got RDP Proxy? SBS2003 Does.   Virtual… Read more

Ben Armstrong – Virtual PC Guy – blogs about games in Virtual PC (a Ninja Feature!)

(Wild divergence warning – skip to Back To The Topic At Hand if you don’t want to read about my childhood) I sometimes raid my collection of 200+ game CDs (yes, all purchased legally) to dig out some of the old DOS games I grew up with. It often happens at this time of year. While growing up in… Read more

Tablet PC: Got Collateral?

I just went out and saw Collateral. I really enjoyed the movie, and found myself wondering if Scoble had seen it, while watching the scenes where Vincent was working on a Tablet PC. I was trying to come up with a positive marketing message from it. “Tablet PC: Good for visiting old friends and collecting signatures”…? Still, another good Michael… Read more

Ninja Feature: Remote Web Workplace in SBS2003

Remote Web Workplace is (in my humble opinion) The Ninja Feature of SBS2003. In fact, it gets the inaugural EBTDF Ninja Feature award for being so cool. Thanks to Susan Bradley for putting me on to it. Let me say right now – if you’re using Small Business Server 2003, and you were thinking of fiddling… Read more

Paint.NET Is Good (and 1.1 is out now)

I fairly frequently need to use an image editing application for random minor acts of vandalism (see links at left for examples), or just formatting and saving blog images. I’ve had Paint.Net 1.1 RC1 installed for a while, but hadn’t remembered to try it for anything. Today I needed to edit text in a way MSPaint couldn’t possibly… Read more

ISA 2004: FTP Uploads are off by default. Mostly.

Something I ran across before work: With ISA 2004, the FTP filter is a slightly different beast from ISA 2000. In ISA 2000, the FTP Application Filter added two distinct protocol definitons: FTP, and FTP Download Only. You could assign permissions to either to allow a user to upload, or not. With ISA 2004, there’s… Read more

Upgrade Nightmare: The Parental PC

My parents’ Celeron 800 was getting a little long in the tooth, so I figured I’d upgrade their PC as a “welcome home” present. I got them a new AMD Sempron 2400+, 512MB DDR RAM I had left over from my last upgrade, a new Gigabyte motherboard, and a Radeon 9600SE. They had a reasonably… Read more