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Second Annual* Blog Facelift (Bloglift?)

For no real reason, I decided my old design was a bit pants, and started out on my second Annual Blog Facelift, the former of which was all the way back in June.

While I’m usually the poster child proving that people with basic coding skills shouldn’t also be designers, but I’m quite happy with the result. The archives look a little wonky with the date on the right, but heck, people have suffered more. Often at my hands.

I’ve somehow managed to Avoid Blue, which is a major step forward for me; I really think I’ve turned a corner this time. The gradients have also disappeared. Unless you were using a browser other than IE (gradient filters support), in which case you had to imagine gradients, or use tricks like “gradually move your eyes horizontally over the edge of the screen, then look at the title bar” to cause gradient effects to appear).

The other new feature is what I like to call the Ugly Mug Rotateur, which is like a lazy version of an ad rotator, that displays pictures of me, wonderful me, only in a rather lethargic sort of way. 

I really must get Craig to shoot some more professional-looking photos, I look like a caffeine-crazed lumpy ball in most of them, rather than the handsome, suave professional I am in real life*.

Now, to work out how to implement a corresponding Witty Comment Rotator…

[Update] And I must remember to Buy Presents For Darryn, who produced the title graphic for me post-facelift. Thanks Daz!