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Updated Outlook Calendar Adapter for Blogwave Beta 1

To celebrate the release of BlogWave Beta 1*, I updated the Outlook Calendar Adapter for the new version!

There haven’t been any real enhancements (depending on how you feel about the themed dialog background for XP), but there are now two (relevant) files in the download – the OLCalendar DLL, and an image file used to generate all BlogWave’s internal images (tres slick, Addy!) – everything goes in the Adapters folder. Copying the Readme is optional – my advice is to flip a coin and then if you feel you might want to flip again, go with the option you really wanted to choose.

I fixed a couple of Dumb Bugs, nothing really worth mentioning. The previous To Do list largely stands, which I might revisit for newer BlogWave s.

Download: (14KB)

Yell if you have any problems with it (it’s been tested (roughly speaking) on my machine, but no others yet…).