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Techie Audio?

What I find makes exercise (you know, walking and stuff) more tolerable is having someone whisper sweet technical nothings in my ear.

I’m working through DotNetRocks back-episodes, which aren’t bad at all.

While digging around for more audio, I noticed Technet Radio, and quickly chewed through it – personally, I’m after deeper content rather than higher-level stuff, but that’s just me.

I think my ideal is to find Support Webcast-like content (perhaps just the audio from one?) in WMA format (or anything that isn’t download-prevented, really).

If anyone’s willing to share their portable-friendly tech audio source, I’m willing to listen. Chortle.

[Update, 1 hour later] And if you download the Support Webcasts for Offline Viewing (gah), at least some of them have WMA files standalone, included. Happy sigh.

[Update, 2 days later] The Support Webcasts have offline downloads starting in about March 2004, the earlier ones are streaming-only. For my Muvo, I’ve noticed that dragging and dropping most of them doesn’t actually work, but syncing through WMP10 converts them up to a 32Kbps bitrate (which seems to be the minimum acceptable to the Muvo).