Outlook Calendar Adapter 1.1 for Blogwave

Working from the to do list at the original post, and desperately trying to avoid working on my terrible remote desktop switcher, I've updated the pseudo-terrible calendar adapter.

Major New Features:

  • Prettier icon, using the BlogWave Dynamic Wave Device*.

Minor New Features:

  • Ability to pick a specific calendar folder to publish. This is cool for many reasons, not least of which is that you can now explicitly control which appointments you want to publish by having them in this folder. And not marked as confidential, sensitive or private.
    • It might also work to some extent on non-calendar folders, but I'm pretty explicitly looking for Appointment types in a specific date range. I think. YMMV.
  • Stricter enforcement of date ranges.

There are still many rough edges:

  • As an adapter author, I'm not sure how (or if?) I'm meant to tell BlogWave that there's no data meeting the criteria - BlogWave doesn't like eating RSS feeds with only a channel and no items. So for now, it fails, and the error is probably harmless. If you had nothing to publish, why worry anyway? 🙂
  • Amazing new-fangled Win Forms UI, in stylish default colours. Enjoy.
  • [20 Sep] Something Happened, and now oItems.Restrict(string s) doesn't accept any string as being valid, at least not that I can throw at it:
    • For eg:
    • [Start] > '09/01/2004 08:00 AM'
      System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0xF5920009): Condition is not valid.
    • And others. Nothing seems to work any more...
  • [20 Sep B] Well, looks like it's just happened to my slightly soiled work computer, and it's working fine elsewhere. Time to spring clean, methinks.

But all up, it's fun to play with. For instructions, see the original post.

Download: OLCalendar.zip (Same filename, updated binary).

Comments (3)

  1. Addy Santo says:

    What is a Dynamic Wave Device* ?


  2. TristanK says:

    Excellent question. To answer you, I – oh, look! (scrambles out of the room, slams the door, runs to the car and screams away).

  3. Addy Santo says:

    Heads up: I’m releasing a new version of BlogWave sometime this week. The adpter interface hasn’t changed, however you will need to recompile your code against the newer version. I froze the version # of the interface assembly so that future versions won’t have this problem. Also, the upcoming version supports custom icons for sources, so you might want to create a 18×16 (or 16×16) bitmap for it. White (#FFFFFF) is transparent…

    Ping me for a sample icon, or a sneak peek version of the release 🙂

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