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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Sweet: The Locomotion Demo is out!

NB Getting the music for the demo costs 100 MB, beyond the 29MB used for the game and graphics (the small demo!). The music is good, and sets the mood nicely, but it’s perhaps not unmissable.

It’s a time-limited demo (much like RCT before it) – 15 minutes of play time before you’re taken back to the menu.

You *can* do multi-platform stations, but they don’t work quite the same way they used to, because the tracks don’t allow sharp bends any more (so you end up with a more realistic mess of track around the multi platform stations).

So far, I love it, but the scenarios are limited, *and* the time is limited: there are two scenarios (Challenging – Britain 1950s and Easy – Boulder Bay (a pleasant little island paradise ripe for being completely covered in cold steel train tracks and converted into an industrial wasteland where the sky is always grey))… Both seems a bit harsh, but (perhaps it’s working) I *wish* there was a way of getting it electronically right now (buy an unlock code, or ISO, or whatever).

My preorder stands. I can’t wait.