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Games: Only 10 15 More Sleeps until Locomotion!

… and then no sleep for a few weeks.

I’m really, really excited about Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion‘s impending release. Intellectually, I know Half-Life 2 is due out soon, but I don’t care. Locomotion is what I’m waiting for.

The Aussie Atari site says it’s 10 days out, and at an RRP of $49.95, I might have to buy two copies, put string through the second CD and wear it as a medallion.

I used to play Transport Tycoon at a friend’s place every night for about six months, IPX networked. The ritual involved much social pizza, and I gained about 10KG over the period! I’m hoping I can persuade myself to just peck at nuts or something similarly healthy while playing over the Internet with the new one.

I’m interested to see how it pans out – the Roller Coaster Tycoon-style track building doesn’t seem as intuitive as the old “point and click” system, but similarly the old system was pretty annoying in some ways… It also looks like there are no multi-platform stations from the screenshots so far, so I’m interested to see how that affects it all.

(as an aside, I’m testing private-to-this-blog posts for stuff that’s probably not of interest to most MSDN readers, apologies if it doesn’t work out…).

[Update 2 Sep] The Atari site was updated with the news that it’s now due September 17, at $69.95. Bugger! Oh well…