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Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group Meeting…

Doing something different today: I was the Microsoft Warm Body (an official title*) for the Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group meeting at the Microsoft building, as regular host and (alleged) FoxPro user A Coat was out of town- in Redmond as it turns out, not sunny Queensland like Frank!

It seemed to go pretty well. The selection of pizzas was widely commented on and appreciated (and that’s about where my FoxPro expertise began, though I picked up a lot from Craig’s presentation) – and the pizza was My Responsibility. I like food responsibilities.

Craig Franklin ran through some of the new Reporting features (and a couple of Features-in-the-interesting-bug-or-gotcha-sense) in the upcoming Visual FoxPro 9.0.

Craig Bailey demonstrated a couple of cool anchoring techniques, and demonstrated report output conversions to Word and Excel using XFRX.

Next month, we try the Webcast Thing to link the Sydney and Melbourne Visual FoxPro User Groups, and November is OzFox 2004.

And one final plug, I just ran across the Fox Wiki, which looks like an excellent resource for FoxPro developers (and especially Aussie FoxPro folk).

I had a chat with Craig (Bailey) after the meeting about an RSS feed for the User Group (I spotted he was a FeedDemon user) – and before I managed to post this, he’s already gone and created a new blog for the group, complete with Atom feed! So, if you’re not already a syndication freak, go get an Atom-compatible aggregator and be notified of FoxPro Things!

SVFPUG: Thanks for having me!