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Rob Hensing on Passphrases

All I can say about Rob is that he’s

I had the privilege of meeting Rob on his recent trip to Australia, it was good to put a face to the name. He’s been on the front lines of our efforts to help customers with security-related problems.

It’s good to see him blogging – both my regular readers will know I’m not a frequent linkblogger, but the post above is certainly worth reading, and hopefully a blog worth following.

Anecdote Corner
As my colleague Craig put it: “Since the first time I saw Hensing’s No Passwords talk, I’ve discovered a whole new dimension of passwords involving the spacebar, and it’s amazing.”

It seems like he’s happier since making this discovery – my theory is that he’s typing the abuse he’d usually be hurling at me as his password… Every time I make a witty comment, he stops to take a breath, lock his workstation, then slowly – and loudly – hammers his passphrase in, before smiling a secret smile and relaxing*. Nah, it’s probably nothing.