About Me, About This Blog

It’s pronounced “try-stank”.

I’m Tristan Kington, a Premier Field Engineer covering Security, PKI, Forefront Threat Management Gateway and ISA Server, with some networky stuff thrown in, and IIS. And some development bits. And some random Windows stuff. I co-maintain (slash work as code monkey on) a couple of our Health Check offerings, and I’m passionate about seeming passionate about things. Often. No, sometimes. (That was good, wasn’t it!?)

Most of the time, I’m travelling and helping customers deploy, operate and maintain the products listed above, so there’s not a lot of time for blogging any more. Pity. But tweeting just doesn’t cut it.


My thinking was originally:

this blog will act as a public repository of things I’ve found that either aren’t documented elsewhere, or are but I couldn’t find them easily by a quickish web search. I tend to scribble notes in OneNote, and – just occasionally – there’s a really useful item that might not make the best KB article, but that might improve the quality of the infosphere by being out there. I like blogs where the technical content is pretty high, and the personal content relatively low, so that’s the model I’m mentally geared to, just don’t hold me to it!

And I’ll keep that recorded here for posterity, but these days I think the personal angle is all that stops a blog from being a corporate mouthpiece. That and the quality of the stock images…

I’m also freakishly erratic and a caffeine fiend, so I apologize if you catch me in my Bad Part Of The Day (before 6pm).

This blog was originally called Extra Bits That Didn’t Fit, but I got less pretentious as the years wore on, and wanted to consider the use that moniker for something else. Yes, I’d say the use of “moniker” is also pretentious. I’m just evil.

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  1. Vivek Datta says:

    Hey, really liked your IIS: Administration, Troubleshooting and Best Practices course. Thanks for that!!

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