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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

The Guts Of PasteOff

Ahh, my first day off. Just catching up on blogs, editing theme tunes for the Smartphone (heheh Knight Rider), playing a little Chronicles of Riddick… it’s all fun. No family commitments until this evening. Sweet. Oh, and repeatedly trying to get the code samples below pasted in. Nnnngh. Sorry if this is the 18th time… Read more

PasteOff Upload Script

This is a sample script that’s quite similar to the Upload.CMD I use with PasteOff (fixed the download links, by the way), to upload images to my blog site.  Customize the variables at the top, and upload away… As a note, it is really important not to have trailing spaces after the SET lines or after the Echo %VAR% lines –… Read more

PasteOff 0.7. Lots of tweaks.

Oops, it’s 1:45 am. Still, new version is baked, and it’s pretty much what I want from a utility thing. Coolest new feature: now leaves a user-defined string on the clipboard. Also, stuff that 0.6 broke should work better. Download on the PasteOff page. Google now shows another PastePal; to avoid confusion, I’m going back to the… Read more

My First Smartphone

Embracing the Christmas Spirit, I figured I’d get an i-mate SP3i from Telstra. So far, I’m pretty impressed with it. I’ve sent a couple of blogs to my Spaces site via Activesync over GPRS, including photos (yep, my first camera phone). The quality of the photos is Good Enough for my blogging purposes (and better… Read more

PasteOff 0.6. More Image Formats.

PNG, BMP, JPG, TIF can be output. Sometimes they might even work, too! As a note, when upgrading, previous settings aren’t migrated. I’m using binary serialization to store the configuration options, and when the format changes (eg, I add stuff), I break deserialization. (Shrug). Download here…. Read more

More Fiddling: PasteOff 0.5

PasteOff is back, bigger, stronger and with more error handling. OK, barely more error handling. It’s a fun project, not a production one, mmkay? PasteOff is a quick’n’dirty utility that saves images from the clipboard to a pre-arranged location in JPEG format, with a randomly generated filename (or one you specify), and can run a utility/script… Read more

PasteOff: Clipboard-To-Image-File Utility

PasteOff Strange New Disturbance I’ve been testing PjPic, and it addresses many deficiencies of PasteOff (multi-profile!). If you like PasteOff, you might like PjPic more. Or as well! Fiddling: PasteOff Image Saving Thing As I mentioned in my post about MSN Spaces, I’ve got this weird habit of wanting to save and convert clipboard bitmaps… Read more

Fiddling: PasteOff Image Saving Thing

As I mentioned in my post about MSN Spaces, I’ve got this weird habit of wanting to convert clipboard BMPs into JPGs directly, with a minimum of actual steps expended. So, I hacked together a little applet – let’s call it version 0.1 – that converts any bitmap on the clipboard to a JPG in… Read more