Configurable policy settings for user profile properties

Each user profile in SharePoint Server 2010 contains 46 default user profile properties. These user profile properties store information about a user. An administrator can apply a policy to a user profile property to configure how personal information is used. Depending on the selected user profile property, some policy settings are configurable, while others are…


How does Microsoft IT do it? Check out these IT Showcase resources for SharePoint Server 2010

One common question we get from customers who are evaluating SharePoint Server 2010 or a specific SharePoint scenario is: “How did someone else do it?” Or, more specifically: “How did Microsoft IT do it?” Fortunately, Microsoft IT documents and publishes a set of resources known as Microsoft IT Showcase, which describes how they designed and…


Fabulous SQL Server connection troubleshooting article in the TechNet Wiki!

Check out How to Troubleshoot Connecting to the SQL Server Database Engine in the TechNet Wiki. Author Rick Byman takes you step-by-step though the troubleshooting process when you get the “Connect to Server” error. I strongly encourage you to bookmark this article and use it for the next time you see this type of error….