SharePoint Gaining Momentum on Windows Azure

At the recent SQL PASS Summit, Mark Russinovich (Technical Fellow in the Cloud and Enterprise Division at Microsoft) presented a session titled Windows Azure Deep Dive, featuring SharePoint. His session is a great primer on using Windows Azure IaaS platform to host a SharePoint farm. 

Fast forward to 1:13:00 for a description of this beautiful poster — Windows Azure: Deploy SharePoint with SQL Server AlwaysOn (Zoom image, PDF). This poster also includes logical architecture illustrations for publishing Internet sites using SharePoint Server 2013 in Windows Azure, including making use of Azure AD for customer accounts.

Here are some other resources for learning about running SharePoint in Windows Azure. 


Blog and scripts: Automating SharePoint Deployments in Windows Azure using PowerShell

Whitepaper: SharePoint 2013 on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services by David Aiken & Dan Wesley

Channel 9 Video: SharePoint on Windows Azure with Paul Stubbs

Now is a great time to let us know what other types of resources you would like to see.

- Brenda Carter

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