New permissions content for SharePoint 2013

The SharePoint writing team has been busy completing the permissions content for SharePoint 2013 by publishing the following:

We hope that with these new resources, it will be much easier to understand and manage permissions in SharePoint 2013. Please let us know if we missed something by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Enjoy (but only if permitted)!


Joe Davies
Principal Writer

Comments (2)

  1. Dennis Gaida says:

    Very good articles, thanks! For SP2010 you published the FGP whitepaper (…/details.aspx).

    I’m missing some of the more detailed points in that whitepaper in your MSDN entry. Particularly I am interested in what the maximum number of scopes is after which additional SQL Server roundtrips are necessary and similarly after what number of scopes
    the ACL will break due to the 64KB limit. Has this changed for SharePoint 2013? The maximum number of scopes was set to 5000 with SP2010, now it seems to be 50.000 – what happens to ACLs?

    While the MSDN entry "Best practices for using fine-grained permissions in SharePoint Server 2013" is a very good read I would like to have some additional information as FGP is an issue many customers face due the being used to legacy system or just Windows
    file shares. Basically my question is: What is the number of scopes per level I can safely use? E.g. a document library with 1000 folders, each having assigned its own SP group containing one active directory group, that makes 1000 scopes for the document
    library. Safe? After how many scopes will I have problems with this "flat" structure as I have to think about the parent scopes as well (limited access on the SPWeb)? Will AddToCurrentScopeOnly circumvent some of the problems as I don’t have to think about
    parent scopes?

  2. Sharepoint says:

    Great article!

    Thank you for this interesting Points and for sharing 🙂


    Daniel from <a href=““> Sharepoint </a>

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