Get the new Office Visio stencil with the cool icons

Community members have noticed the cool new icons that have been appearing in our content. Here is an example:


This new icon set is the result of a huge joint effort by people in the Lync Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, and Office groups here at Microsoft to support more visual styles of content.

For SharePoint, these new icons are used in the following:

To get these new icons for yourself, see the New Office Visio Stencil. Feel free to use them in your own content, including blog posts, articles, white papers, and videos.

For information about how to import them into Visio, see Import downloaded stencils.


Samantha Robertson

Comments (12)

  1. GadgetGirlJen says:

    Fantastic!  Looking forward to diagramming.

  2. MuhammadM says:

    Great ! Visio becomes such a great tool day after day

  3. DG says:

    I have looked all over the New Office Visio stencil and still cannot find the white server with grey outline icons as pictured 🙁

  4. Hi – we just refreshed the set with our latest style. So, the white server/grey outline has been replaced with a dark grey server.

  5. fizzycake says:

    Are the older ones still available to download?

  6. Is it correct that there is no registry icon in this stencil set?

  7. VL says:

    Is there a way to find the old ones, because this new Set is rather depressive all in black! I'm sorry but a database server or a SharePoint server in "red" or (worse) "green", doesn't do for me. Thanks for letting me know if I can get the old ones.

  8. By popular demand, I’m adding back the old stencil set. The download now contains both the 2012 symbols and the new 2014 ones.

  9. VL says:

    Thank you!!!

  10. Jon says:

    When I add these to my Visio, they all appear in black & white with no color. Any thoughts as to why?

  11. Hi – that can happen if a theme is applied to your document. Make sure that no theme is applied. On the Design tab, go to Themes > More, and select No Theme.

  12. Jon says:

    That Fixed it! Thanks. On a side note, do you know if I can set Visio to open with a default of No Theme? I am using Visio 2010

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