Introducing the Distributed Cache service in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

This blog post is to increase awareness of a new service in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview called the Distributed Cache service. The Distributed Cache service provides caching functionality to features (not to be
confused with site features) in SharePoint Server 2013. The Distributed Cache service is either required by or improves performance of the following features:

  • Authentication
  • Newsfeeds
  • OneNote client access
  • Security Trimming
  • Page load performance

For an overview of the Distributed Cache service, see

When you plan a deployment of SharePoint Server 2013 Preview, planning for the Distributed Cache service is important. Consider the following items when planning your deployment:

  • Consider using a dedicated Distributed Cache server when you use the newsfeed and microblog features.
  • Decide if your SharePoint Server 2013 Preview deployment requires a single cache host or a cache cluster.
  • An administrator can allocate memory to the Distributed Cache. This allocation significantly affects the performance of the Distributed Cache service.

For more information about planning for the Distributed Cache service, see

For more information about managing the Distributed Cache service, see



Reeza Ali

Senior Technical Writer

SharePoint Server Enterprise Solutions Team.

Comments (3)

  1. Thanks for the info Reza. Caching is such a miss understood topic in the field.

  2. gaurav says:

    Thanks for useful information…Can distributed cache service be used for storing session state in SharePoint 2013?

  3. Tenille Bennett says:

    Hi There, brilliant post. Do you think it is possible to change the configuration of the service once configured. I have a dedicated sharePoint 2013 server for the Distributed cache. I would like to remove this server without any data loss and configure the service to run on the main web front end with the rest of the services. Is this possible? DO both server need to be fired up as i have a host machine with 16gb memory so can only fire up one web front end at a time?

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