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These are indeed exciting times for the Microsoft Office Division as a whole, and definitely for those of us who work on the technical content.

First off, we hope you like the refreshed look and feel of this blog. Look for more design evolutions as time goes on, and of course, lots of SharePoint IT pro content!

Check out the TechNet home page and feature package that launched today. They cover top-level IT professional content for new Office, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, and Project and even include an Editor’s note by yours truly.

From the new SharePoint product standpoint, this post highlights a cleaner and more efficient UI experience, pervasive social networking, SkyDrive Pro, SharePoint sites, project management capabilities, innovative search experiences with FAST, and dynamic publishing. And, new Cloud App Model and Marketplace open up a whole new world for developers. Keep a close eye on the main SharePoint Team Blog as there are a lot of great topics coming up.

SharePoint Server 2013 supports users through intuitive tools and solutions that enable them to choose how and when they upgrade. These tools provide programmatic access to centrally-managed compliance policies, and they help to ensure consistency and open collaboration, while allowing IT to focus on innovation.

The SharePoint product teams are committed to help IT Pros lead their organizations in lowering IT costs, managing risk, and managing time more effectively. SharePoint 2013 Preview is a flexible and scalable collaboration platform that will help organizations achieve these goals. And, our technical content is designed to facilitate these objectives.

So, if you aren’t already aware of these resources, you should be:

SharePoint 2013 for IT pros TechCenter

This is the landing place for everything on SharePoint 2013 Preview. Find content organized by IT lifecycles and hone in on the details for installation, upgrade, migration, and services. Highlights include:

System Requirements

Capabilities and features in SharePoint 2013

Architecture design

Plan for social computing and collaboration

Our content teams work on a continuous publishing model, so check back for new content as there are lots more planned, including scenarios.

Evaluation downloads

SharePoint Server 2013 Preview

SharePoint Foundation 2013 Preview

Technical documentation

SharePoint 2013 Preview

Monitor any new or updated content by subscribing to the recently published RSS feed


SharePoint 2013 Preview training for IT pros

Find how-to training and walkthrough videos with this interactive 14-module course about SharePoint Server 2013 Preview. It covers changes and new features for search and social, plus deployment and performance/scalability. It also includes training for Project Server 2013 Preview and Project Online Preview. NOTE: These video lessons are based on an earlier preview version of SharePoint 2013 and Project Server 2013 so you might notice a few discrepancies. Updates to this training are planned.


SharePoint 2013 Preview for IT Professionals forum

All SharePoint forums


Yes, there are many blogs related to SharePoint – but each of these recommended blogs address a particular aspect or audience:

Office Next Blog (updates from product engineering teams)

SharePoint Team Blog (all-up SharePoint blog, including end user content)

SharePoint IT Pro Blog (this one)

Get the Point Blog (for SharePoint end users)

Office IT Pro Blog

Project Team Blog

Because we realize many IT pros also happen to be developers, I am listing some of the resources we have on MSDN for SharePoint developers as well:

SharePoint 2013 new features and capabilities

SharePoint 2013 development overview

SharePoint Developer Blog

SharePoint 2013 Preview for Developers forum

Apps for Office and SharePoint Blog (for developers of the cloud app model)

Apps for Office and SharePoint Forums

Office Developer Blog

We hope you’ll find these resources useful. Feel free to send us content feedback anytime: (IT professional documentation on TechNet) (Developer documentation on MSDN)




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