Comprehensive SharePoint 2010 Best Practices TechNet Wiki article

Hey SharePoint fans,

Take a look at SharePoint 2010 Best Practices (en-US), a recently published and very active TechNet Wiki article that contains a categorized list of links to best practice resources on all manner of subjects relating to SharePoint 2010.

This TechNet Wiki article was created by Margriet Bruggeman and has had over 200 revisions since it was published on March 27. Other SharePoint community experts such as Gokan Ozcifci have added links or helped to categorize them.

Please review this new article to verify that it points to your favorite SharePoint 2010 best practice resources. If not, please sign in with your Windows Live ID and add them.

To get started with SharePoint Server 2010, see the following:



Joe Davies
Principal Writer
SharePoint Server Platforms and Infrastructure Writing Team

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  1. Helping and sharing my knowledge, this is a real passion ! Glad to help everyone..

  2. ruby nguyen says:

    Really Excited

  3. Chris Howell says:

    This wiki is a great article. I've taken the content and made it a Mind map that you can access here:…/mind-map-sharepoint-2010-best-practices

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