Extra! Extra! Apple iPad Users Can Now View SharePoint Business Intelligence Content

In the recent blog post, December 2011 CU for SharePoint 2010 has been released, Senior Escalation Engineer for SharePoint Stefan Goßner provides an overview of Cumulative Update 2011-12 (CU 2011-12) for SharePoint Server 2010 (thanks, Stefan!).

For SharePoint business intelligence users, CU 2011-12 for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is particularly exciting because it opens the door for people to get business intelligence content on Apple iPad devices. People can now view PerformancePoint reports and scorecards and Excel Services reports on iPad devices running the iOS 5 Safari browser.

We just published an article on TechNet that provides more details about which kinds of reports and scorecards will and won’t work on your iPad, how to configure business intelligence content to display with best results, and how to navigate content on your iPad. For more information, see Viewing reports and scorecards on Apple iPad devices.

We’re very interested in your feedback, so please add a comment and tell us what you think.

Happy Dashboarding!

Denise Stendera

Writer, Business Intelligence in SharePoint

P.S. If you’re interested in viewing more business intelligence solutions and scenarios, see our Business Intelligence Resource Center.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! We looked into this and wish there were an easy fix. Unfortunately, with changes made in iOS 6 and iOS 7, things don’t work the same as they did before when viewing PerformancePoint content.

    We are taking down our video since it’s no longer relevant. I’m sorry for the inconvenience there. One thing you could consider is creating/viewing BI content in Excel and then using your Safari browser to view and interact with that content. It doesn’t fix the PerformancePoint/iPad issues, but it is a way to share/view/interact with BI content on iPad.

    Thanks again for your feedback. We appreciate your taking the time to reach out to us.

  2. Hello Craig,

    Thank you for letting us know about the link issue. We did fix it right away.


    Denise Stendera

  3. Bala1801 says:

    hi all,
    Is there any update for Dan's question?..since i am also looking for the same missing functionalities as he mentioned thr????

  4. Craig Humphrey says:

    Your link to the December CU is broken.  Is it meant to be:

  5. This is really good to know. Thanks for this post Denise.

  6. Dan Codreanu says:

    It seems the analytic chart drilldown functionality is not available with iOS6? Instead of the contextual menu showing up if you tap and hold on a data series, the chart is highlighted and Copy option appears. Did anything change with iOS6 and is there any CU for SP2010 that would allow for this functionality again? Thanks.

  7. Thank you for the feedback, Dan. We'll look into this.

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