New videos show how to do a database attach upgrade

The process for performing a database attach upgrade can seem complicated. We thought it might be nice to give you a visual overview of the process and demonstrate the steps involved in video format. Two new videos can help you understand and visualize the process for performing the following tasks:

  • Use read-only databases during a database attach upgrade 
    (Running time: 7:35)

    This video contains an overview of the process, the steps to set a database to read-only, and the steps to back up, restore, and attach and upgrade databases. This video applies to both SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010.
  • Database attach upgrade for SSPs and My Sites
    (Running time: 11:17)
    This video contains an overview of the process, and then the steps for creating and configuring the services and settings necessary to successfully upgrade shared services data and My Sites from Office SharePoint Server 2007. This video applies to SharePoint Server 2010.

To view or download these videos, go to the Database attach upgrade videos page in the TechNet library.

These videos are companion pieces to the articles found in the Perform a database attach upgrade section of the upgrade guide and do not cover all of the steps from all of those articles. Please read those articles before performing a database attach upgrade.

As always, let us know if this content is helpful to you.

- Samantha Robertson

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