How Microsoft IT does Business Intelligence: Microsoft IT & CIO Office Scorecards

Whether you are starting a new BI effort or updating existing processes, it is always helpful to see how other companies implement their Business Intelligence solutions.

In the Microsoft IT Showcase video, Microsoft IT CIO Office Scorecards – Delivering Dashboards from KPI Catalog to the Masses, Microsoft IT demonstrate how it manages and delivers scorecards to the masses at Microsoft. The video is particularly instructive because it uses many components of the Microsoft BI stack including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PerformancePoint, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2, and others.

In this presentation, Sanjay Soni, Microsoft IT BI platforms evangelist, and Pablo Trejo Montemayor, Microsoft IT software development engineer, share technical details and best practices about how Microsoft IT created a solution as part of the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) strategy.  They demonstrate how to consolidate various scorecards and key performance indicators (KPIs) into a single enterprise KPI catalog and into a unified BI portal.

Also included in the video is a segment on how the scorecard team delivers integrated scorecards to IT leadership and a broad hierarchy of reporting levels.

Check out these TechNet sources of creating BI dashboards and scorecards:  Plan, design, and implement a PerformancePoint dashboard to show organizational performance 

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