Video: MVP 2011 Global Summit Interviews, Question 3


Recently, we attended the 2011 MVP Global Summit in Redmond, Washington. We interviewed and filmed any MVPs who wanted to give feedback on Microsoft TechNet, MSDN, and online product documentation.

This is the third of three videos that we produced where we asked questions about our documentation. In this video, we asked the MVPs the following question:

What are two ways that Microsoft could improve its online documentation on TechNet, MSDN, or

 The MVPs we interviewed provided many good examples for how they would like to see the Microsoft documentation improved. Among these suggestions, the following stand out as actionable by the various UA teams:

  • "All articles need to show examples."
  • "Need to see more errors and troubleshooting content for all technologies."
  • "[I] don’t like advertising that appears on the Microsoft sites."
  • "All articles need to have the product versions in the title."
  • "[I] want more videos to see exactly how to do complex procedures."
  • "[I] would love to have a community contribution link to provide more information."
  • "Embedded code samples so developers could hover over these and see if this is the code they need."

The following video shows nine MVPs answering this question:


Special thanks go to the following MVPs who provided their time for our interview:

Zubair Alexander
Seattle, Washington
MVP – Directory Services

William Vaughn
Redmond, Washington
MVP – Data Platform

Thomas Schissler
MVP – Visual Studio

Teresa Henning
Seattle, Washington
MVP – Access

Stephen Cawood
Halifax Canada
MVP – SharePoint Server

Paul Kimmel
Okemos, Michigan
MVP – Visual Basic

Kanwal Khipple
Toronto Canada
MVP – SharePoint Server

Ed Musters
Toronto Canada
MVP – SharePoint Server

Craig Berntson
Salt Lake City, Utah
MVP – Visual C#

Question #1 -

Question #2 -

Thanks for watching!

-- Steve Hord and Hal Zucati

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