New downloads: IT Pro .chm files for SharePoint 2010 Products and related products

Periodically, we convert the entire English TechNet library content for certain products into compiled HTML Help (.chm) files. You can save the following downloadable files to a local machine so that the technical docs are accessible even when you are offline.

We have also published .chm files for the following IT Pro content sets:

Six of these sets above were also published in Japanese:


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  1. Hannah L. _ says:

    Derek — the SharePoint content is available as a CHM and on the web in Simplified Chinese.



  2. Hannah L. _ says:

    Vignesh — Try unblocking the content in the CHMs: Download a CHM file, open the folder you downloaded it to, right-click the CHM file, and then click Properties. At the bottom of the General tab, click Unblock.

  3. Vighnesh Bendre says:

    Hi Nina,

    When I download these files and open them, I get The address is not valid for all the content. I checked internet options and everything is fine.


    Vighnesh Bendre

  4. Hi Nina, will you convert SharePoint TechNet libraries into Simplified Chinese? Thanks.

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