Trying something new: the Published Intranet Solution Center

Hi there – we're trying out a new concept on our SharePoint Server 2010 TechCenter and we'd love your feedback.

Creating and maintaining a solution based on SharePoint Server 2010 takes a lot of work, from many people, sometimes over a long period of time. Folks who are new to the product may not know where to start, who to involve, and how to work through the process. We wanted to put together a blueprint that gives you a sense of the tasks and people involved, and what steps need to happen across the lifecycle of the solution – from initial evaluation through planning and development, deployment, and on to operations and maintenance. Our attempt to show those steps is now live as the Published Intranet Solution Center.

Why a Solution Center?

We're calling it a Solution Center because it's all about one specific type of solution that people frequently build on top of SharePoint Server 2010. This is in contrast to our Resource Centers, which explain a single concept, such as capacity management or Web content management. The Solution Center incorporates information about both of those concepts (plus many others) in the flow of tasks for the solution.

What’s on the Solution Center?

On the Solution Center, you'll find:

  • A description and list of key features and assumptions about the solution
  • A list of tasks organized by lifecycle
    We’ve divided the tasks up to follow the typical lifecycle of a project: Evaluate, Plan, Develop, Deploy, and Operate.
  • Links to related content
    Even though the Solution Center is on TechNet, the tasks and steps involve not only IT pros, but also development teams, site owners, and site users. From the Solution Center, we point to content on TechNet, MSDN, Office, and other sites in order to provide details or context for specific steps in the process. Not every task has a link to content – some tasks are processes that will be unique to your organization and only you will know how you want to approach them. However, we’ve included a description of the tasks so that you can understand what needs to happen for that step.
  • A task map of the overall process
    This map provides a visual overview of the whole process so you can get the big picture at a glance.

Send us feedback

We'd really like to hear from you. Any feedback would be very welcome, whether it’s about the approach, the content itself, or about your solution creation process and how it differs from or aligns with what we've described.

To send us feedback about the Published Intranet Solution Center, you can:

Thanks for listening!

Samantha Robertson

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