Three integrated business intelligence solutions

The following is a summary of recently published business intelligence solutions and the corresponding solution download link. The solutions include Microsoft Office, SharePoint 2010, and SQL Server 2008.

Self-Service Analytics: Sales Solution

This business intelligence (BI) solution scenario describes the steps that employees of the fictional company Contoso take as they analyze sales and promotions data and share that analysis with others in the company. The document that is available from the link below provides step-by-step guidance, and the accompanying sample data lets you follow along with the document. To download, click here.

BI Reporting: Reports and Subscriptions Scenario

This business intelligence (BI) scenario describes the steps some employees of the fictional company, Contoso, take as they use Report Builder 3.0, SharePoint Server 2010, and Microsoft Excel 2010 to provide data analysis, rich report design, and flexible delivery of content. To download, click here.

Corporate Dashboards: Sales Solution

This solution scenario walks you through the process of creating and then using a basic dashboard to track organizational performance. The dashboard includes various report views that empower users to quickly and easily gain insights through Microsoft business intelligence. To download, click here.

An at-a-glance visual of all three solutions

I created the following at-a-glance visual (see below to download) for an event in Colorado that highlights the end result of three business intelligence solutions. The visual has some general guidelines customers have asked for about when you would consider using each of the business intelligence technologies.  Let me know what you think.  

integrated business intelligence solutions

SQL Server and SharePoint Business Intelligence Solutions.pdf

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