SharePoint 2010 Products, SQL Server, Storage and Databases (oh my)

The SharePoint 2010 Products are, at core, Web applications built on SQL Server databases. To best administer an environment and keep it performing well, administrators should understand the following:

  • How to choose the best version of SQL Server for their environment
  • How to best configure and monitor SQL Server for SharePoint 2010 Products
  • Which databases they are running, and their characteristics
  • Whether it’s appropriate to use remote BLOB storage to meet their business needs.

We have assembled key database, storage, and SQL Server content in one easy location—the SQL Server and SharePoint Server 2010 Databases resource center.

The resource center provides links to great core resources that you should be familiar with:

The resource center is also a one-stop shop for SQL Server DBAs who manage SharePoint environments, with links to information about integrating SharePoint with Reporting Services, and PowerPivot for SharePoint.

Please let us know if the resource center is helpful, and if you there is any additional content you’d like to see about managing SharePoint databases.

Comments (3)

  1. Hannah L. _ says:

    @Elvira Since Margo published this post, the team has published a white paper about multi-terabyte databases with SharePoint 2010 Products. You can find it here:…/details.aspx.

  2. sam says:

    Hi, Margo Crandall

    Your blog about "SharePoint 2010 Products, SQL Server, Storage and Databases" & resource center helped me a lot. Thanks For sharing

  3. Elvira says:

    Hey, Margo Crandall

    I must say that's a nice entry, But I am confused SQL Server is not an efficient database especially when it comes to large size of data.. People in the field are experiencing performance issues when they exceed from GBs to TBs. DO you think 3rd party tools like StorageEdge plays important role in this regards?

    Rest its good 🙂 please keep sharing..

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