Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 Products from other versions or products

Not every upgrade is a straightforward upgrade from one version of a product to the next. In order to help, we've got new TechNet library articles about how to perform an upgrade when you need to:

  • Skip a version:
    • Upgrade from SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to SharePoint Server 2010
    • Upgrade from Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 to SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Get more features:
    • Upgrade from SharePoint Foundation 2010 to SharePoint Server 2010
    • Upgrade from SharePoint Server 2010 Standard to SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise
  • Upgrade from a trial version

A frequently-asked question on the TechNet Forums is whether you can upgrade from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to SharePoint Server 2010. Yes, you can, and you can use a database attach approach to do so. This process is so straightforward, we didn’t need a whole article for it. Just follow the process for a database attach upgrade and attach your Windows SharePoint Services content databases to your SharePoint Server 2010 farm.

Database attach upgrade from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to SharePoint Server 2010

Another quick cross-product upgrade is from Office Forms Server 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010. Again, just do a database attach upgrade, being sure to transfer your form templates over. Everything you need to know is in the database attach upgrade content, and the article Plan to upgrade form templates during an upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010.


As always, let us know if you have any comments or questions!

Samantha Robertson, Senior Writer, SharePoint Products (I’m all about the upgrade)

Comments (12)

  1. Hi Petrolej – sorry about the confusion. The guidance changed such that WSS 3.0 can now be directly upgraded to SharePoint Server 2010 by using database attach upgrade. I'm updating the relevant article in the upgrade content this week to reflect the change, but it might take a while for us to republish the downloadable book version of this article.

  2. Hi Keith – it will upgrade all the sites in the database, including the root site. See this topic:

  3. Yes, you can migrate to a temp server, upgrade the subsites, export them, and then import to where you want. I don’t think it’ll keep the dates though. You might need a partner tool if you want to retain data like that.

  4. Hi – upgrading from SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise to SharePoint Foundation 2010 is not supported. Since you did a database attach upgrade, I assume you have a backup copy of your databases. You can restore them to your 2007 farm to get back to that state. You can then upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010.

  5. Hi – this whole section of the TechNet TOC is about upgrading from WSS 3.0 to SharePoint Foundation 2010:

    . The article you reference is about upgrading to 2013. There is a dropdown at the top of each article that says "Other Versions" that can get you back to the 2010 version of the documents, rather than the
    2013 version. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. nike rift says:

    I adore your site, looks excellent and full of good info. Keep it up

  7. sam says:

    Thanks for the extremely informative and helpful document on "Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 Products from other versions or products" Give helpful information .

    Thanks for sharing

  8. Petrolejka says:

    Hello, this is a good information for me as we plan to upgrade from WSS 3.0to SharePoint Server 2010 (not Foundation). But in the upgrade guide (http://www.microsoft.com/…/details.aspx)
    on the page 67 it is claimed that this upgrade path is not supported.

    What should we believe to?

  9. Help- Migrated from SP2007 Ent to SP2010 Foundation says:

    I know what I have done is not a good procedure, I have installed SP 2007 Enterprise then migrated to SP 2010 foundation.

    During migration I got many errors when I ran Test-SPContentDatabase, like missing webparts missing templates , etc, I ignored them and continued.

    Now whenever I create anything new like document library I got:

    Unexpected error correlation ID:XXXXXXXXXXX

    The search Is not working at all.

    I believe all of this is related to these missing webparts

    Now the Sharepoint is live , how can I get out of this?

    Please help me.

    Best Regards

  10. Hikmer says:

    Where is the relevant article about doing an upgrade from Wss 3.0 to SharePoint 2010 Foundation.  All documentation and Microsoft articles suggest this is NOT possible.  You are the only place I have found that says this is an option.  If the "guidance" has changed then why has not the coresponding TechNet articles? technet.microsoft.com/…/ee947141.aspx  Also the links you have provided no1 point to 2013 and no longer mention WSS 3.0 as a viable upgrade version.

  11. Keith says:

    Samantha – thank you for some great information here and throughout the blog. Not sure if you are still monitoring this post, but if so, we could use some advice. We currently have an existing Sharepoint 2010 (Enterprise) server, with several sites. We
    have an older server still running WSS 3.0 and we'd like to move some of the sub-sites to the 2010 server. If we do a database attach upgrade, will it allow us to select single sites to migrate? Or will it try to overwrite the root site as well?

  12. Keith says:

    Samantha – thanks again. I think I saw someone mention a work-around by migrating the WSS 3.0 sites to a temporary 2010 server, then moving the sites from that 2010 installation to our existing server. Does that sound feasible? We need to move/migrate
    2 sub sites, and want to keep the dates on the documents and discussion items.

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