My impressions of the SharePoint Conference

I’m Norm Warren, IT Pro writer for SharePoint Server 2010 business intelligence. I also write for B.I. the way…and used to write for Norm's PerformancePoint Server Blog.

The following are some of my impressions of my first SharePoint Server 2010 conference.

I remember the first SharePoint Server 2007 book I picked up. Surprisingly, it had a chapter on change management –the first chapter. As I spent time with customers at the 2009 SharePoint conference last week, my mind kept going back to that chapter. We met customers from all over who were delighted about the new features in SharePoint Server 2010 and yet I could detect a hint of reality. The reality that these conference attendees would need to go back to their work place and try to convince co-workers, managers, and others of the wonders of SharePoint 2010. So what do you do to influence? I’m sure it depends on your situation and what you want to accomplish. But here are some ideas that I remember from that book.

  • Start out small and make sure that what you decide to implement (SharePoint Server 2007 or 2010) has great impact. I would ask around, maybe take a survey, to find out what features will affect the most people.
  • Once you’ve prioritized the features you will implement, locate the champions in your organization and empower them to sell it. Maybe a proof of concept with a presentation.
  • Lastly, never give up. Tenacity.  Continue to promote the ideas or technology you know will help improve your organization.

One more tip, not from the book: Locate the SharePoint 2010 poster or posters that matches your interest. Go to get a print out and hang it up near your office. Or take screen captures of the areas of interest (cheaper) and post a company Blog on those items of interest or send an e-mail.

Here are some tips for using the posters (after navigating to the site, scroll toward the bottom for tips).

Comments (2)

  1. Glad to hear that the posters are helpful!

  2. Andrew Ladanowski says:

    Check out the posters.  Some of them make it easy enough for a caveman to decide which path you need to take.

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