How do you use our posters?

We'd like to know how you use the posters we have up on TechNet:

Do you print them on a plotter, or in a smaller format?

Would you like them to be available to order in glossy format?

Is there any other way that you'd like us to present them?

Post a comment here, or send us an email.


- Margo

Comments (5)

  1. Ara Hadidian says:

    We don’t have large format printers these would be great to order to post up for awareness campaign.

  2. Doug Roulo says:

    I just use them on my system right now.  I am looking to get them printed and I would consider ordering them if they were available (depending on the cost of course).  I think they are a valuable tool.

  3. They are good for “at a glance” educational review and sanity checks. Also useful in taking the sections out as boilerplate template and customize it for a given need. Like any Get Started visual book, they have a time value, when grasping the architectural concepts.

    Would like to print and hang but large scale printing is not readily (and cheaply) available especially in color.

    I won’t mind having or requesting printed copies but will consider twice before paying out of pocket.

  4. I’d love to order these, its hard to see in small format and hard to print out. I have some posters in my cubicle already!

  5. Gavin says:

    What would be really handy is a sharepoint 2010 visio stencil set.

    A standard collection of shapes for servers, farm, database servers,etc.

    I know we can grab them from the vsd’s above but a pre-built stencil for all Sharepoint 2010 things would be very handy.

    I know that a number of other vendors especially in the hardware space, (eg Cisco, et al) offer stencils for their products.

    This could be a big help in professionally documenting or presenting to clients about sharepoint technologies

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