New business intelligence services in SharePoint Server 2010

The poster, Getting started with business intelligence in SharePoint Server 2010, is a review of all the business intelligence (BI) services in SharePoint Server 2010 (Beta) and can be downloaded in Visio, PDF, and XPS file formats. You will notice that PerformancePoint Server 2007 is integrated into SharePoint Server 2010 (Beta), to add business intelligence features such as dashboards, scorecards, KPIs, and more. The poster includes the following information.  

  • An overview of each business intelligence service and when you might use each service to surface reports, scorecards, KPIs, Excel files, and other features of BI.
  • Architecture to show how the business intelligence services work together.
  • A list of possible data sources for each business intelligence service.

Note that the term "Insights" in the poster refers to business intelligence.

From the poster:

The BI tools you use depend on the specific problems you are trying to solve. Your daily business activities have associated information and insights that emerge in three main areas of business intelligence: personal (and self-service), team or community, and organizational.

There will be overlap across these areas as seen in the diagram below. For example, in SharePoint Server 2010, a company’s employees may use Excel Services and Visio Services  to make relevant business decisions at the corporate level.

By design, all Microsoft BI products inter-operate so that teams and individuals within an organization can move across the continuum of personal, team, and organizational BI and have all products work together. For example, SQL Server Reporting Services reports, Excel Services reports, or Visio diagrams can be published in a PerformancePoint Dashboard.

The following is a sample of the poster. It is small and can be better viewed in the download (Visio, PDF, and XPS).


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