Have you noticed the redesign of our Office SharePoint Server TechCenter? It’s the TechNet landing page for SharePoint IT Pro-focused content and the home of our Resource Centers—the pages we build to expose content for top customer issues and key product themes.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve done the following:

  • Moved the Resource Center links to the most prominent area (left side).

  • Added organizational pivots around lifecycle and role to help you find groups of content.

Here's a screenshot of the newest version, so you can see what we've changed.

Check out the new look and functionality of the Office SharePoint Server 2007 TechCenter

We’d love more feedback about the TechCenter. Here are some of the things we’re wondering:

  • Have you been to the TechCenter before? If you have, what were you looking for, and did you find it?

  • Now that you’ve seen it, what did you like best and least? Is there any information missing? Should we remove something from the page?

  • Would you come back to the TechCenter? What for?

P.S. Here's the design we started with, just in case you're curious.

Previous version of Office SharePoint Server 2007 TechCenter

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Microsoft Team Blogs Directory has been increased to 212 team blogs. The following blogs have been

  2. Anonymous says:

    Top News Stories Fujitsu First to Integrate Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Software Across Entire

  3. Pedro Santos says:

    I think you have been doing great in providing and the way you provide information around sharepoint. The new front page is much more intuitive but the old was good to. Basically I have been looking for stuff like planning, governance, security and search. I like the resources center area where you link to major content portals in which I found them very usefull for digging into a more specific content. Now that you added the Role area it reminds me now how much important it could be in filtering and helping find the proper information regarding the role your into. Keep the good job!

  4. Dan Lewis says:

    I personally frequent the TechCenter for SharePoint often. At minimum, 2 to 3 times a week.  It’s typically the first place I go when looking for SharePoint information before I start providing keywords to search engines or navigating my way through the
    blogosphere.  On my personal site, I even list it as the top SharePoint Resource.

    I enjoy the new look and feel of the TechCenter; it’s definitely more efficient and easier to navigate than the last version.  Here’s my 2 cents for any possible future changes, for what it’s worth.  

    Resource Centers


    – The title ‘Top Customer Themes’ just doesn’t register with me.  Maybe it’s the word ‘Theme’.  I like how the content itself is organized and the different categories available, but in my opinion they aren’t themes. Maybe ‘Top Resource Categories’, ‘Top
    Information Collections’, or something more relevant.



    Perfect, wouldn’t change anything!



    This is another great section, and I like how it’s organized.  I think that a lot of organizations don’t have enough proper personnel for supporting SharePoint, so typically a company will have the one ‘SharePoint guy/gal’.  And unfortunately they have to
    fill many of the roles listed here.  So, maybe adding one more role here that includes the best links from the other roles.

    Functionally: If I have a role expanded and then I click to expand another role, it would be nice if it collapsed for me the initial role that was expanded.

    Aggregated Content


    I really like the aggregated content at the bottom of the page as it plays along well with the theme of TechNet becoming more ‘social’.  I would perhaps add ‘Top Bookmarks’ – this would be bookmarks from the TechNet Social that have been tagged ‘SharePoint’,
    and have the most saves by users.  Ex:

    Links (bottom right section of page)


    Download the Tech Library… I would change this section to Popular Downloads, and include links such as Administration Toolkit, Infrastructure Update, Service Packs, etc…

    Training Videos and Demos… I would change this title to ‘SharePoint Training’ or ‘Learn SharePoint’, since the ‘more…’ link takes you to all SharePoint Training and not just Training Videos and Demos.

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