Office SharePoint Server performance testing on Hyper-V

Since we published an initial support and guidance statement for deploying Office SharePoint Server on Hyper-V (Using SharePoint Products and Technologies in a Hyper-V virtual environment), a series of tests were run to measure Office SharePoint Server performance on virtual servers.


These tests collected performance data from small and medium farm configurations deployed on:

  • Physical servers
  • Hyper-V virtual servers

Detailed information about our performance tests, results, comparative analysis, and configuration recommendations are documented in Performance and capacity requirements for Hyper-V, which is now available on TechNet.


If you are considering deploying SharePoint on Hyper-V, or have already done so, this article is a valuable "must read".  As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

-- Dan Wesley, IT Pro UA writer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Because PerformancePoint Server is integrated with SQL Server and Office SharePoint Server (or WSS),

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