Best Practices–good, better, best?

Hi there—we’re wondering if you've got feedback on the Best Practices Resources Center that we blogged about a couple of weeks ago.

Which is your favorite article?

· Operational Excellence

· Team Collaboration Sites

· Publishing Portals

· Search

· My Sites

Are there any more topics that you’d really like to see a group of best practices developed for?

And, of course, do you have any feedback on what we could do to make the information more discoverable or useful?


Comments (6)

  1. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your response.  Although we have some excellent content available, we are aware that discoverability is a huge issue for customers.  We are implementing several changes to improve the customer experience:  a new design for our TechCenter pages,  resource centers that focus on key customer issues and provide roadmaps to existing content across sites, and an improved search experience.   Improved discoverability will be an ongoing effort and we welcome your feedback.  Please let us know what your key concerns are so that we can address them.  

  2. Hi Dick,

    The Project Team Site Template that comes with SharePoint is very limited in terms of actual project management. It is not really structured to support processes for various project management methodologies (like the ones laid out by the Project Management Institute, etc.).  

    If we understand your question correctly, you’re looking for information on how to design a portal site to help you manage projects.

    Have you looked at Microsoft Office Project Server? It is built to manage projects on top of SharePoint and closely follows the Project Management Institute methodologies.  

  3. Rob Silver says:

    Hi John B.,

    Have you reviewed the governance content at You may find something relevant there.

    We’d like to hear more details about your governance content needs. Either post them here or email them to the SharePoint IT writers using the alias "o12ITdx" at

    Thanks for your comments!

  4. Mike G. says:

    Thanks for the best practices, it’s certainly a good resource. Though, you hinted at one of the huge problems with the sharepoint docs: discoverability. If I want to learn something about sharepoint, like creating a site template for example, where will I find the authoritive source for both step by step instructions as well as best practices and concepts? MSDN? The SDK? The best practices site? The sharepoint community site (, the sharepoint team blog? The SharePoint developer site (  The Microsoft Patterns and Practices Team ( Etc, etc?

  5. Dick D. says:

    My organization would be very interested in guidance on how to best exploit SharePoint features in support of project management. For example, what should be incorporated in a project team site template and how should it be structured so that project managers have more of a fleshed-out structure to start with instead of just a blank slate team site?

  6. John B. says:

    A support and governance model around the engagement between users and the support teams in a large organisation faced with the challenges of the credit crunch would be so helpful right now.  Do you create new teams specific to sharepoint site development and specific areas within that?  Who controls governance and conforms to MOSS standards?

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