Introducing the Performance and Capacity Planning Resource Center for SharePoint Server 2007

There is a tremendous wealth of technical performance and capacity–related information available for Office SharePoint Server 2007 on TechNet. I know, because I wrote quite a lot of it. However, the greater the volume of content that becomes available, the harder it can be to find.

Yes;  I can hear you now. “Kelley,” you’re saying, “thank you so much for sharing with us this valuable piece of information, that is in no way extremely obvious and well-known by every sentient being in existence, and even some non-sentient ones, such as fruit flies.”

You’re welcome.

And now, allow me to introduce the (begin drum roll here) Performance and Capacity Planning Resource Center for SharePoint Server 2007 (cue trumpet flourishes and fireworks)! We’ve rigorously reviewed, analyzed, folded, starched, ironed, and consolidated every existing bit of performance and capacity planning content available today in one easy-to-use page.

Some highlights include:

·         Topics organized into meaningful categories:

o   Planning

o   Recommendations

o   Estimate performance based on test results

·         Sections listing available resources:

o   Demos

o   Tools from Microsoft

o   Tools from partners and the SharePoint community

o   Community resources

We hope you’ll find this resource center helpful, and that it will save you time, money and precious, precious tears. We would like to hear from you if there’s anything we can do better. We actually do read customer comments and suggestions, and in fact, a large part of our work is improving our content based on your input.


-- Kelley Vice

SharePoint IT Pro Writer

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