More TOC pruning, this time for Operations

Freshly updated: Office SharePoint Server Operations TOC.

You seemed to like the tinkering we did in the Planning section for SharePoint Server, so we decided to extend the exercise to the Operations section. We've adopted a structure that is similar to the planning structure, with two main sections for administration tasks:

  • Site and solution administration contains administration tasks for sites and solutions.
  • Infrastructure administration contains administration tasks for the infrastructure supporting the sites and solutions.

We've also added a third section to the outline called Administration tools, to collect overviews and information about the tools you need to use when performing administration tasks.

Again, before:


And after:


Note that we're still busily working on content in these areas, so this TOC re-org does not mean we're done writing operations content. But in the meantime, we hope this organization makes it easier for you to find the content that's there. As always, we'd love your feedback.

- Samantha Robertson, Technical Writer

Comments (1)

  1. JohnDPalm says:

    The new TOC structure is nice!  It’s much more intuitive!

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