Performance Art 4: Always use a texture and bones ain’t free.

For this issue of the ever-continuing “Performance Art” series, I’ll talk a little about flat-shaded or colored polygons and the use (or overuse) of bones in a model. Always use a texture: In the past, when the memory on graphics cards was very small, we tried to save texture space by flat-shading or assigning a single…


First preview of Acceleration

Gamespot put up our E3 preview video for the Acceleration expansion pack for FSX.  You can watch it or download it.  Enjoy!


Performance Art 3: Polygons don’t matter.

As next gen technology came online, people started repeating this mantra:  “Polygons don’t matter anymore.”  For the longest time (okay, about a week) I was stuck thinking, “Awesome, we can throw any amount of geometry at the new cards and they’ll just handle it.  Sweet!”  The part that the infamous “they” left off of that Mantra…


Performance Art 2: When is a draw call not a draw call?

So we know that draw calls are a major killer for us.  So you would basically assume that the more draw calls there are, the worse the performance.  Well, this is not always true.  There’s a funny scenario happening in the Adrenaline Expansion Pack right now.  Without the material batching, there’s one area that is…


Performance art.

Okay, so I’m not going to get dressed in a sheet and speak in a made-up language while someone projects images from my childhood on me. I’ll leave that to the qualified people.  Instead I’m going to talk about performance art in the sense of art that is performant.  Having finished SP1 and looked very…


FSX SP1 is live!

You can download the English, French, Italian, German, Spanish or Polish versions from our website. The Japanese version is a day behind and should be up soon. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the performance improvements in SP1. A lot of work went into making this update really worthwhile. We found some pretty…


New FSInsider site and multi-mon patch.

The new FSInsider site has gone live.  There’s a total redesign including a neat new look, more content and more regularly updated content.  If you’re interested in finding out what we do here, it’s a great place to start. Also, there’s a Flightsim specific Vista patch that addresses multi-mon support (previously a massive bug in Vista…


Oh what a difference the CPU makes.

So I got this new machine at work.  It’s one of them new-fangled Core 2 Duo machines that Intel’s making.  And man does it show just how CPU bound we really are with all of our draw calls.  The machine specs are: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (a huge leap ahead of the dual Athlons…


IK Craziness

I’ve heard from our good buddy Nick that the IK on the jetway is a bit confusing, even with the documentation provided.  I could see how that would be the case since IK in general is a pretty steep learning curve and the jetway is a pretty complex bit of IK that 3ds Max itself can’t…