SDK MaxScript tools.

There has been some confusion about what tools will work with which version of 3ds Max and I hope to set the record straight today (for those who might be using our SDK and 3ds Max).  In general, the SDK tools that were released for 3ds Max for FSX and FSX Acceleration (FSX SP2 SDK) were created and tested on 3ds Max 9 32-bit on 32-bit XP.  Since then, most of us have switched over to 64-bit Vista and are running 32-bit 3ds Max 9 on that platform.  All of the above configurations are supported.  Unfortunately, at this time, no 64-bit versions of 3ds Max are supported.  Additionally, 3ds Max 2009 is not supported at all (neither 32-bit nor 64-bit).  3ds Max 2008 32-bit (on XP and Vista) should be supported, but extensive testing has not been performed yet.

Here are the supported setups:

32-bit XP with 32-bit 3ds Max 9
32-bit Vista with 32-bit 3ds Max 9
64-bit Vista with 32-bit 3ds Max 9
32-bit XP with 32-bit 3ds Max 2008 (Supported, but not fully tested)
32-bit Vista with 32-bit 3ds Max 2008 (Supported, but not fully tested)
64-bit Vista with 32-bit 3ds Max 2008 (Supported, but not fully tested)

The next SDK we ship will support whatever the most recent version of 3ds Max is at that time (we will likely try to support a version or two back as well, but at this point no promises are being made).  Addtionally, we are still working on the alternative solution to Gmax.

Having said all of that, I know that the MaxScript tools shipped with FSX SP2 were a little buggy.  My bad (though I will say that the fact that I was the sole designer, developer and tester on the MaxScript tool suite pretty much guaranteed a certain amount of failure 😉 )  I am making a real effort this time around to make all of the tools work as well out of house as they do in house. We also have more resources dedicated to guaranteeing a better user experience for developers.  As far as MaxScript tools are concerned, my philosophy is if we can use it in house, then you should be able to use it equally well wherever you are.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We are shooting for MSTS2.  I can’t make any promises right now, but that is definitely our goal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the lack of posts, informative and not. It seems that time is limited lately! In an attempt

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yikes.  Unfortunately, not surprised by that.  Max 9 in Vista was bad enough.  Are you running the App as administrator?

  4. Michael Puto says:

    I know it is too early for more details, but I’d like to know – will Gmax alternative be available for MSTS2 or FS11?

  5. Timghetta says:

    Wouldn’t work with windows7 64 bit and Max9 32bit.

    Any suggestions?


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