Why so quiet?

We've all been very hard at work on a variety of simultaneous projects in this studio.  As you know, we announced the next version of Train Simulator a little while back and we've been hinting at / talking about the SP1 update for Flight Sim as well.  Well, on Friday we offically announced a confirmation of the DX10 update as well as something brand new, the first ever Flightsim Expansion Pack.  I'm really excited about the expansion pack, as it's not just a content update.  There's actually some really cool new features involved, including multi-player air racing, something that I saw a demo of a couple of weeks ago and had my mind blown.  It looked like a blast!

So the SP1 update will come out first, and includes a bunch of updates focused mainly on fixing performance and content.  This is really key for us, as I know performance is one of the big grumblers right now (and rightly so).  DX10 will likely include even more performance fixes and even some neat enhancements.  And the expansion pack will be able to take advantage of both of those updates right out of the gate.  I guess what this all points to is a much more connected development team that is committed to listening to what our users have to say and responding sooner than the next full release.  So you can expect two updates and an expansion pack from us just this year. 

Also note that Hal did some interviews with a bunch of the sim community sites about SP1 and the future releases and the results can be found on Avsim, Flightsim.com, SimFlight and SimHQ.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Adrian,

    We all knew *something* was up… Paul L. kept alluding to something new and exciting, and I’m delighted to find out what that is: Adrenaline!  Which one of you came up with that name?  Oh yeah – you guys leave that up to marketing folks. 😉  Thanks for your hard work!



  2. Sergio says:

    What? Adrenaline is the first MS Expansion Pack for FS? Never!

    The first MS Expansion Pack was the Southern California Scenery for FS95.

    Ciao, Sergio

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