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I've added a Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight FAQ in my articles section.  This will be an ever expanding document where I try to answer questions that come in from various inlets into Microsoft.  Will I get to every question?  No, but I will try to cover areas where I know a thing or two (or in the case of the current questions, where a developer knows a thing or two and is kind enough to share it with me).  I will be putting up an FSX FAQ soon, and try to answer what I can in that as well.

Comments (2)

  1. tgibson says:


    A really great start to one of the most interesting FS FAQ’s I’ve seen.


  2. Francois 'Navman' Dumas says:

    Looking forward to your FSX FAQ.. that’ll take some work off our hands of hunting down a myriad of sources that know nothing … LOL !!!



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