A quick walk through of Lync contact card configuration

Let’s pick a default new Lync deployment for example:


Assign below information to new user Carl below and enable Lync features.

Telephone number (Work phone number): 1111222

Home number: 33334444

Mobile number: +8655556666

JobTitle: SE

Department: ECS


After Update-CsUserDatabase and Update-CsAddressBook, you will see the Lync client download address book files successfully,



 Now if Carl check his own phone information, the mobile phone number can be seen in the contact card but no work/home number.


And also let another Client Bob (Who has been prevent to download address book) check Carl’s contact card, he sees the same thing with Carl does .



Why the Work/Home phone can not be displayed? And Why Bob has no local address book, he can still see Carl’s phone numebers?

Here are some explainations:

  1. Each phone number must be E.164. If not, we need use Company_Phone_Number_Normalization_Rules.txt to normalized to E.164 format.
  2. Testuser should publish its contact information from his local address book back to Lync server (A location called Static Publication in Lync backend-database), and then Lync will retrieve these nubmere again via In-BandProvision.

Some users often ask: why not Lync pick up the phone numbers directly from local address book files like Outlook? My personal thought is that such meachnisam can make sure each Lync user can get other user’s contact card information real time.

Note: Let’s assume the design that Lync pick up the phone numbers directly from local address book. In this case, if Bob want to call Carl, however Bob recently failed to download address book (perhaps wront proxy settings in IE prevent to download address., and Bob haven’t noticed that make him always thought its address book is latested) . So if Carl changed his phone number, Bob will not know and call old wrong number.

Ok, back to the this scenario, let’s continue to make all of them displayed.

Now open Carl’s local GalContacts.db, we will notice the phone numbers. Is it too simple for Work and Home numbers?


Here comes normalization rule part.

Get Sample_Company_Phone_Number_Normalization_Rules.txt in Lync Server 2010\WebComponents\Address Book Files\Files folder, copy it to Lync file store folder then rename it to Company_Phone_Number_Normalization_Rules.txt.


Open it and add a rule as:


Now let’s run Update-CsAddressBook again, then address book file regenreatd and downlowed by Carl. It shows correctly.



Open Carl’s GalContacts.db again, the number are correct.



Now Bob will see the correct result as well. (Though he has no local address book yet)


So now, we have finished configuring the contact card. You may also refer following blogs for more information:

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