Server Posterpedia V2 Free-as-in-Beer in the Store

Over on the Windows Server Blog, a blog of blogs, Microsoft Community Lead Kevin Beares introduces Server Posterpedia V2. Now with extra goodness, still free-as-in-beer, no charge, gratis. You can watch a short video demo on YT: Server Posterpedia is a Windows Store app designed for Windows 8 and Windows RT that brings graphical content together…


Free-as-in-beer Microsoft Poster App

Many of you saw this app at TechEd NA and TechEd Europe and asked “When can I get it?” It’s heeeere: Free-as-in-beer. This YT vid shows how it works Seeing it in action explains all. You want to see it in action. Download it from the store now. Did I mention it was…


Server News – Free-as-in-beer App You Should Install Today

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an App that you could run on your Win8CP or Windows Phone 7 that “pushed” you important Windows Server news? Do you read blogs like Ben Armstrong, Virtualization Team, Mark Russinovich? Well colleagues Martin McClean (Poster Guy) and Brian Lich (Awesome Guy) have made an app for you. Server…


Just the Diff’s Ma’am

IT Pros have longed asked for a way to understand “what changed in this information that you just updated”? A change log. The diffs. On the TechNet Wiki you can see this by using the History tab. Example, we just updated the Hyper-V: Update List for Windows Server 2008 R2. It us around 2k words,…


Resources to Assist Windows Server Customers in Japan

Some folks on the TechNet Wiki have started a wiki topic to assist IT Pros in Japan who may have to do some unplanned server take-downs. Check out and add your useful links for: Backup/restore Remote shutdown UPS management Cloud migration Any thing else you learned about in your disaster management situation and wished…


Video: How to Deploy BranchCache Server in Hosted Cache Mode

James McIllece has posted two new TN Edge videos demonstrate how to deploy a BranchCache server in hosted cache mode . Part 1, which is six minutes long, demonstrates how to install the BranchCache feature, configure the BranchCache service mode, and create a self-signed certificate using Internet Information Services (IIS). Part 2, which is five…


The Case of the Pending VM Snapshot Merge

The case of the pending merge. Guest post from reader Jeremy Hagan Recently I had a virtual machine stop responding. Upon investigation I noticed that the machine was paused. This usually happens when the underlying disk has run out of space and it was the case in this instance as well. I thought this was…


How to Tell if you are in a VM Using Script

Sometimes you need to identify if something is running inside a virtual machine before you take action. This sample VBScript uses the same logic found in the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to show if a deployment is running in a VM. If IsVM Then     WScript.Quit 1 Else     WScript.Quit 0 End If Function IsVM    …


Hyper-V How to: Configure Server Core using SCONFIG

On a Windows Server 2008 R2 server core deployment, you can use SCONFIG to get the server on the network in minutes so you can manage it remotely. After that you can use another system, such as a Windows 7 client, to enable roles, run PowerShell scripts, manage it using System Center, manage it using…


TechNet Wiki: What They Are Reading?

Here are the top 10 most-read TechNet Wiki articles from last week, in order: social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/windows-server-appfabric.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/windows-powershell-survival-guide.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/active-directory-overview.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/windows-server-2008-r2-survival-guide.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/wiki-platforms-portal.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/scom-microsoft-system-center-operations-manager.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/exchange-2010-overview.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/why-split-tunneling-is-not-a-security-issue-with-directaccess social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/hyper-v-how-to-run-hyper-v-on-a-laptop.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/hyper-v-survival-guide.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/wiki-list-of-technologies-and-related-topics.aspx Jump in, help us out by adding some topics, or adding to the topics above. See How to Join, or click on the image below to watch the vid.