Tools 2 Use – System Center Capacity Manager 2006 Express Edition

The capacity planning tool formerly known as Indy now has a product name and release schedule. Announced at MMS during the opening keynote, System Center Capacity Manager 2006 Express Edition  was developed by Microsoft Research. IT Pros can use it to model a server deployment based on service-based forecasts, such as the number of offices, users and network…

Tools 2 Use – DPM EUR

Microsoft CIO Ron Markezich was the keynote speaker this morning at MMS. He talked to the crowd of IT Management gurus about the challenges and solutions in use at Microsoft. IT Ops Manger Calvin Keaton did one of the demos, showing end user recovery using Data Protection Manager beta. Microsoft IT has been running beta…


Tools 2 Use – MONAD – the crossover hit

Safe bet – as time goes on the chinese walls between IT Pros and devs will continue to break down. MONAD is the next-gen WSH, and IT Admins will be using it, a lot. Example, in the keynote today there was a demo of using script to remotely turn on the drive indicator light on…


Tools 2 Use – WinSer Deploy Job Aids

Folks have had trouble finding the downloadable job aids for Windows Server 2003 deployment. These are really useful for any SIP you want to kick off, or structuring service management reports. Check them out. The pieces are: File Name: File Size 329 342 594 267 408 47

Goodbye Blue Sky – Hello MOF

Left rainy Seattle 5 am yesterday morning, and haven’t seen the sunny LV desert skies since. This venue is so huge that there are birds (the chirpy, tweet-tweet kind) flying around inside it. Great preso at MMS: Improving Operational Efficiency with MOF “Running your IT systems the most effectively you can is often overlooked when concentrating on…


Tools 2 Use – IT Asset Management

Have you met SAM? This site has a nifty set of tools to walk you through some critical steps you need to take to get to a “better managed state”. Whether that is driven by IT Governance issues, budget planning, security or whatever, you can probably use these tools today. SAM Step 1: Perform a…

Tools 2 Use – Protect Your Laptop with EFS

Matbe I will see you at MMS in Vegas? Hope you are prepping your laptop – I am. Read this article for advice that is easy and quick to implement before you head out to Vegas.  

Tools 2 Use – Do You LUA?

If you have not read Jen’s article on LUA, you should be asking yourself why not? This article briefly discussed the security principle of least privilege and the benefits of using LUA for daily tasks, followed by a short list of reasons why most Windows users continue to use administrator accounts anyway. It wrapped up with…


Microsoft IT to share internal tools – D-Code

According to ComputerWorld today: Microsoft plans to share network troubleshooting tool with users and vendors alike. But it wants a quid pro quo of a sort. According to Neil Leslie, general manager of Microsoft Corp.’s customer service and support group, the company within six months will release a beta version of Network Monitor 3.0, an…

Tools 2 Use – $50 discount on Windows Server 2003 Reskit

The Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit is scheduled for release on very soon now – but you can pre-order it today.  This is a limited quantity special promotional edition for $50 off. Tell your friends. And tell MSPress you heard about it on TechNet blogs.