Hyper-V How To: Manage Hyper-V with PowerShell

James has published a New and improved PowerShell Library for Hyper-V. Now with more functions and… documentation! Look for Pshyperv.pdf and send thanks to James. Did I mention it is free-as-in-beer?  

Hyper-V How To: Monitor VMs in a Vista Gadget

Tore’s blog details the Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar he posted for free download. http://mindre.net/post/Hyper-V-Monitor-Gadget-for-Windows-Sidebar.aspx  

Hyper-V How To: Download Linux Integration Components (Beta)

Linux Integration Components for Microsoft Hyper-V is available publicly. To get it, please the following steps: 1. Login to https://connect.microsoft.com with a Live ID. 2. Click “CONNECTION DIRECTORY” on the top of the page 3. Click Category: Server, and scroll to find the “Linux Integration Components for Microsoft Hyper-V” in the middle of the page….


Things are out of proportion

I have learned that the age-old question “Is the glass half-empty, or half-full?” is a false one intended to prime your thinking. The glass is completely full: half with water, and half with air. In this picture, do you see an attractive young woman or “witchy” woman? Or can you see both in turns?  …

Post Blue Blues

For those colleagues affected by yesterday’s layoff, my best wishes. Former “blue badgers” may find the Microsoft Alumni Network (MSA) useful: Retain privileged access to the Microsoft Company Store Stay connected to colleagues and friends—professionally and socially Access competitively-priced health insurance & other benefits Find job postings from companies seeking to hire people with experience…

Son of Slammer

There is a new worm in the wild that should be top of IT Pros worry-list. If you have not been working on Conficker defense, heads up. The NY Times today says “If you’re looking for a digital Pearl Harbor, we now have the Japanese ships steaming toward us on the horizon,” said Rick Wesson,…

YouTube? It’s Easier Than You Think, Even Inside the Firewall

We use the free-as-in-beer Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS) internally at Microsoft. Works a treat: 2,100+ total podcasts and growing every day 3,100+ registered podcaster accounts 3,700+ unique visitors in May, 2008 1,800 page views average per day 80,000+ downloads since July, 2007 A recent Forrester page said: “Enterprise Web 2.0 features to make video…


Hyper-V Update List is Live

A fundamental security precept is “patch up all machines before brining into production.” This advice applies to VMs and hosts, and is included in the Planning for Hyper-V Security content in the Hyper-V Planning and Deployment Guide. OK, so how are you supposed to know what updates apply? For Hyper-V, you can bookmark http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd430893.aspx. This…

Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta Available for DL (TN Subscribers)

If you are a TN/MSDN subscriber, download the beta bits here today: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/downloads/default.aspx Available to Levels: TechNet Plus SA Media; TechNet Plus (Retail); TechNet Direct (Retail); TechNet Plus (VL); TechNet Plus Direct (VL); TechNet Cert Partner; TechNet Gold Cert Partner;