Power to the People

If you read this blog, you know about the TechNet Wiki I helped start a while ago. The wiki represents many kinds of awesome. The best of which is the people who care enough about technology, and the wiki, to contribute content. The wiki has been nominated for an internal Microsoft Engineering Excellence Award. More…


The CIO Has Spoken – Enterprise: Get-Social

If you are in IT, and you haven’t yet defined exactly what “social” means in your IT environment, best of luck to you catching up. See what they had to say at the CIO Summit: https://aka.ms/CIOSOC  


The IT Pro Customer Has Spoken

The information on the TechNet wiki is written by IT Pro/Devs for IT Pro/Devs. Why is this important? In the words of a satisfied user: “Over 70% of the articles in TNWiki are real-world scenarios. That’s exactly what I need in my job.” read the complete interview at Interview with a Wiki Ninja – Patris:…


IT Pro Secret Weapon

Increasingly, you don’t need a GUI to get your IT Pro job done. Everything you can do in the GUI, you can do in PowerShell. This is even more true in Windows Server “8” Beta. Not just because there are >2300 cmdlets. Now, you don’t even need mstsc.exe (Remote Desktop Connection) anymore. You can make…


Hyper-V Cmdlets in Windows Server 8 Demo Video

Hyper-V PM Eric Bahna recently recorded a video demo of the new Hyper-V Windows PowerShell cmdlets in Windows Server “8* Beta.  The complete demo is about 21 minutes long. Windows Server 8 Hyper-V PowerShell Demo Uncut [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_UwlE9YDTw] For convenience, I also made three shorter versions currently available on YouTube Windows Server 8 Hyper-V PowerShell Demo…


Brain Rules for Meetings (and UIs)

In Brain Rules for Meetings John Medina tells us: “you’ve got 30 seconds before they start asking the question, “Am I going to pay attention to you or not?”” This advice holds true for new UIs as well. If you have installed the Windows Server “8” Beta, and you come upon the new Metro UI…


Test Driving Windows 8 Server

Bill Laing’s blog post today announces Windows Server 8 Beta availability. Some other tidbits to add to your IT Pro reading list include: Download Windows Server “8” Beta https://aka.ms/wdjd5y Win8 Keyboard Shortcuts https://aka.ms/hlagp4 Free-as-in-beer version of Hyper-V Server 8 Beta https://aka.ms/nei5z0 Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 Consumer Preview https://aka.ms/fqmjcp Metro Survival Guide for IT Pros…


How to find stuff I wrote on TechNet Wiki

The business case for changes to the TechNet Wiki is complex. On the “fit for purpose” side of the equation, I try to explain the numbers thusly: 1. There are orders of magnitude more readers than contributors 2. There are orders of magnitude more contribute-once users than there are contribute-many-more-than-once contributors 3. Page views of…


TechNet Wiki gets a facelift

  http://technet.com/wiki/got a facelift, near Valentites Day. Coincidence? You decide. But seriously folks, here is the new look. How do you like it? leave comments.


Social + Content = Happier IT Pros

According to our IT Pro customer feedback the number one dis-satisfier is finding the technical information they need. When they find technical content from Microsoft, they general review it favorably. Finding it is the chief frustration. I was taught that one strategy for improving performance is to find the chief roadblock or chokepoint to improving…