Azure Security Guidance

“The good news is that all of the security development practices, principles, and techniques you already know still apply when developing cloud applications.”For the drill down, read this newly-published Windows Azure Security Guidance.

Warning: Adobe Reader Zero-day Attacks NOW

“As always, be vigilant when opening any PDF attachments in unsolicited emails.” Headsup that Symantec today issued a warning of Adobe Reader Zero-day being exploited in the wild. Go smack your users and remind them what happens when you open attachments that drop backdoors on the system.

Accept No Substitutes, How to Spot Fake Hotmail Log in Pages

Some Hotmail users have recently been confused by fake login pages, like this one: How to spot a fake Hotmail log in page: 1. The real Hotmail sign-n page does NOT host Ads. 2. The URL of the login page MUST be and nothing else Please drive awareness so that folks do not get…

Protect Your Hotmail Account Now

Hackers, such as the one that posted this YouTube video “How to Hack any Hotmail,” are going after your Hotmail account in increasing numbers. NOTE: You SHOULD NOT click on links on video pages, especially this one, as they often do bad things. In this case, the link downloads malware that attempts to crack your…

The Case of the Pending VM Snapshot Merge

The case of the pending merge. Guest post from reader Jeremy Hagan Recently I had a virtual machine stop responding. Upon investigation I noticed that the machine was paused. This usually happens when the underlying disk has run out of space and it was the case in this instance as well. I thought this was…


Worm:Win32/Visal.B Inoculation

Recently (9/3/2010) a new worm called Worm:Win32/Visal.B was spotted in the wild. As an IT Pro, you know that you must move aggressively and early on this kind of security risk information, or regret it later. Microsoft Malware Protection Center Threat Research & Response Blog is a great resource, and covered the issue and technical…

Windows AV Exclusion List

Wouldn’t it be handy to have one place on the web where you could find an updated list of ALL the AV exclusions you might want to configure? This TechNet wiki stub topic is meant to be that list. Feel free to add to the list, it is the wiki way! After one week, this…

Hyper-V Security: First SecBul Released

The first Security Bulletin for Hyper-V is out at Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-010 – Important Vulnerability in Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Could Allow Denial of Service (977894)

Free-as-in-beer Security Baselines for Win7, BL and IE8

The Security Compliance Management Toolkit Series provides organizations with an end-to-end solution to help them plan, deploy, and monitor security baselines of Windows operating systems and 2007 Microsoft Office applications. Recent updates include new security baselines for Windows® 7, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and Windows Internet Explorer 8. Did I mention, free-as-in-beer? Includes: Windows 7 Security…

This Is Your Brain on Drugs

Scientists in Switzerland map the human brain on hallucinogens. Measured this way, all tripper’s brains look the same, yet internally, each drug-takers experience is different and personal… Warning: clicking the link subjects you to a short commercial before vid plays. Can anyone tell me how to skip the commercial?