TOC Becomes TOC?

IT Pros have long asked for a “change log” on technical information from Microsoft. For example, the Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 Guide to Operations Manager Integration shows this right up font: For decades now inside Microsoft TOC has stood for Table of Contents. In this new age of “good enough” text search, should TOC…


Hyper-V How-To: Convert VM Memory Contents to a Dump File

Released today for free-as-in-beer on MSDN Code Gallery: Microsoft Hyper-V VM State to Memory Dump Converter Check out this great troubleshooting tool. Did I mention it is free?


Hyper-V How To: Plan Performance

Customers often ask “Given a hardware load-out X, how many Ys can I get/run/host?” The frustrating answer always starts with “…it depends…”. We caveat this way not because we want to frustrate, but because it is true. Many teams will go on to say “We have tested the following in our labs and gotten the…


PowerShell PowerBoots

The good folks at Codeplex, the folks who bring you the free-as-in-beer Hyper-V PowerShell SnapIn also bring you the PowerShell PowerBoots. “ PowerBoots makes it easier for scripters to create graphical user interfaces in PowerShell, exposing much of the power of WPF to PowerShell in a simple syntax which supports events, threading, and much, much,…


Hyper-V How To: Do a VM Config-only Export in Hyper-V R2

Ben’s blog post lays out all the background and details on import/export of VMs in Windows Server 2008 R2. Soumya’s blog post gives a couple of scripts showing how to do a config-only export,a nd a script for importing it.


DIY Zune Speakers – the IT Pro Way

John shares how to hack your 12V drill to power you Zune speakers. He also tells How to Detect The Virtualization Layer From Within A Guest.


Jim DuBois on Virtualization

Microsoft IT General Manager Jim Dubois shares info about virtualization inside Microsoft in this short (4 minute) video.


Hyper-V How To: PowerShell Cmdlet Reference

Check out the newly released PowerShell cmdlet reference material at: Getting Started Guide for IT Pros Best Practice Analyzer (BPA) Failover Clustering Group Policy Active Directory Active Directory Rights Management Services AppLocker Power Shell Administration Guide for Active Directory. Next up: Network Load Balancing Clusters Server Manager Server Migration Remote Desktop Services Web Server Administration…


Hyper-V How To: P2V A Running Computer

Need to convert a running computer to a .VHD? Use Disk2Vhd, released yesterday. Disk2vhd is a free-as-in-beer Sysinternals utility you can use to create VHD (Virtual Hard Disk – Microsoft’s Virtual Machine disk format) versions of physical disks. You can run Disk2vhd on a system that’s online. “Disk2vhd uses Windows’ Volume Snapshot capability, introduced in…


Hyper-V How To: Find Hyper-V Patches

Recently a customer asked how to find and subscribe to a list of patches and hotfixes for Hyper-V. You can find them here: To subscribe to the RSS Feed for comments on this page (new patches are listed in comments before they are updated on the page through the publishing process), click the Annotations…