Resources to Assist Windows Server Customers in Japan

Some folks on the TechNet Wiki have started a wiki topic to assist IT Pros in Japan who may have to do some unplanned server take-downs. Check out and add your useful links for: Backup/restore Remote shutdown UPS management Cloud migration Any thing else you learned about in your disaster management situation and wished…

Why Wiki Will Win: TechNet Wiki (Beta) Success Stories (Beta)

Have you heard? TechNet has launched a wiki for IT Pros and Devs – the TechNet Wiki (Beta). Why does this matter? If you think about the content development and distribution business in terms of the software business, then you can consider every un-met customer expectation as a “bug”. As relates to content, on the…

TechNet Wiki

Keith Combs has broken the news on his blog that TechNet Wiki is coming: Co-created content – Microsoft and IT Pro/Dev customers together in community. What do you think? Leave comments.

Free-as-in-beer NVSPBIND.EXE

Hyper-V Senior Developer Keith Mange has released his NVSPBIND tool for free-as-in-beer. Watch the 10 minute video demo at: or click the image. NVSPBIND is a tool for modifying network bindings from the command line. It is especially useful in Server Core environments with the Hyper-V role enabled. Keith also published nvspcrub.js, a tool…

Hyper-V How-To: Convert VM Memory Contents to a Dump File

Released today for free-as-in-beer on MSDN Code Gallery: Microsoft Hyper-V VM State to Memory Dump Converter Check out this great troubleshooting tool. Did I mention it is free?

Hyper-V TV: Virtualized SLES 10.2 on Hyper-V v2

There’s a new video from Shai Ofek on showing installation of Virtualized SLES 10.2 on Hyper-V v2. Just click on the image to check it out!

Hyper-V TV: Deploying a virtualized server with WDS

James has posted a video demo on the Edge of how to use Windows Deployment Services to deploy a server onto a virtualization host in a data center.  

Hyper-V How To: Find Hyper-V Technical Information and Resources

There’s a new aggregation page on TechNet that collates TechNet Library, Blog, and other resources such as Videos and scripts: Highly Recommended. Interesting taxonomy too – how do you like it? Leave feedback and thanks in advance. Planning Pre-Deployment Tools Installation Guidance Deployment Management Workload Specific Benchmarks Add to that the new free-as-in-beer Windows…

Hyper-V How To: Backup Hyper-V with Windows

John Kelbley’s blog has a recent series of posts (including helpful screenies) explaining everything you need to do a Hyper-V backup is included in Windows Server. Highly recommended. Best Part of Hyper-V Backup and Recovery Is Windows! The Wonder of Volume Shadow Copy and Hyper-V  DiskShadow / Xcopy BACKUP of Hyper-V DiskShadow / Xcopy RESTORE…


Hyper-V How To: Configure Windows Server 2008 R2 Core

The newly released (and free-as-in-beer) Core Configurator 2.0, helps with config tasks including: Product Licensing Networking Features DCPromo Tool ISCSI Settings Server Roles and Features User and Group Permissions Share Creation and Deletion Dynamic Firewall settings Display | Screensaver Settings Add & Remove Drivers Proxy settings Windows Updates (Including WSUS) Multipath I/O Hyper-V including virtual…