Why I *Love* This Company

Thank you comrades. “Microsoft Employees gave US$96 million to charity, including corporate matching, in 2010.”

TOC Becomes TOC?

IT Pros have long asked for a “change log” on technical information from Microsoft. For example, the Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 Guide to Operations Manager Integration shows this right up font: For decades now inside Microsoft TOC has stood for Table of Contents. In this new age of “good enough” text search, should TOC…

Happy Holidays from the Scripting Guys

For grins: Hey Scripting Guy blog: http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/ Watch the blog for a holiday special series staring 12/19/10.


Most web pages you find print out all the extra crap in the “gutters” (there is a appropriate feature name if ever there was one…), like this: On the TechNet Wiki, we figure you just want the information please, thank you very much. So, when you print from IE your TNWIKI page looks like this:…

Why Wiki Ninjas Rule

Traditional media images of ninjas depict them as solitary and good at doing things some (especially pirates) would term anti-social. The TechNet Wiki Ninjas are a community of TNWIKI users that are social, and care about sharing their cognitive surplus with the IT Pro and Dev world audience. If you are in New Orleans this…

TechNet Wiki: What They Are Reading?

Here are the top 10 most-read TechNet Wiki articles from last week, in order: social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/windows-server-appfabric.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/windows-powershell-survival-guide.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/active-directory-overview.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/windows-server-2008-r2-survival-guide.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/wiki-platforms-portal.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/scom-microsoft-system-center-operations-manager.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/exchange-2010-overview.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/why-split-tunneling-is-not-a-security-issue-with-directaccess social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/hyper-v-how-to-run-hyper-v-on-a-laptop.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/hyper-v-survival-guide.aspx social.technet:/wiki/contents/articles/wiki-list-of-technologies-and-related-topics.aspx Jump in, help us out by adding some topics, or adding to the topics above. See How to Join, or click on the image below to watch the vid.

I Fixed It

There is a happy-time-waster out there called thereifixedit.com that details some amazing hacked fixes: The new TechNet Wiki is the equivalent for technical content. Find an error or an omission on TechNet content? Now, on the wiki, you can fix it. Check it out http://technet.com/wiki.

TN Wiki: How to Contribute

To contribute, you must first sign in. To sign in, you must first Join. After those pre-reqs are accomplished, editing a TN Wiki article is pretty easy. This 10 minute video shows PM Eric Batallio demonstrating: How to edit How to Check Article History How to Revert How to enter an Edit Comment (comment on…

Why Wiki Will Win: TechNet Wiki (Beta) Success Stories (Beta)

Have you heard? TechNet has launched a wiki for IT Pros and Devs – the TechNet Wiki (Beta). Why does this matter? If you think about the content development and distribution business in terms of the software business, then you can consider every un-met customer expectation as a “bug”. As relates to content, on the…

Can’t find it? Write it?: My New Moto

A few years ago a Microsoft colleague names Jon Pincus talked about “Changing Grumbling Into Energy”. One of the most interesting things about the TechNet Wiki (Beta) is how liberating and energizing it is. See a problem with the documentation? Frustrated by how long it takes/how difficult it is to get it changed? Just change…