Server News - Free-as-in-beer App You Should Install Today

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an App that you could run on your Win8CP or Windows Phone 7 that “pushed” you important Windows Server news? Do you read blogs like Ben Armstrong, Virtualization Team, Mark Russinovich? Well colleagues Martin McClean (Poster Guy) and Brian Lich (Awesome Guy) have made an app for you. Server…


Happy IT Pro Holidays: Microsoft gives free-as-in-beer tech support

The new service offers free support 24/7/365 with the option to upgrade to paid support right there if the free session does not suffice. * *Currently for English-speaking customers, however some Answer Techs do speak other languages, and you can filter/select those ones if you wish. What’s not to like? This is your get-out-of-tech-support-to-my-friends-and-family-jail-free…


Hyper-V How to: Configure Server Core using SCONFIG

On a Windows Server 2008 R2 server core deployment, you can use SCONFIG to get the server on the network in minutes so you can manage it remotely. After that you can use another system, such as a Windows 7 client, to enable roles, run PowerShell scripts, manage it using System Center, manage it using…


Using Windows XM Mode Video

Check out the Win7 How to videos at: I like this one showing how to use Windows XP Mode, just click the image to watch.


Hyper-V TV: Deploying a virtualized server with WDS

James has posted a video demo on the Edge of how to use Windows Deployment Services to deploy a server onto a virtualization host in a data center.  


Hyper-V How To: Backup Hyper-V with Windows

John Kelbley’s blog has a recent series of posts (including helpful screenies) explaining everything you need to do a Hyper-V backup is included in Windows Server. Highly recommended. Best Part of Hyper-V Backup and Recovery Is Windows! The Wonder of Volume Shadow Copy and Hyper-V  DiskShadow / Xcopy BACKUP of Hyper-V DiskShadow / Xcopy RESTORE…


Hyper-V How To: Plan Performance

Customers often ask “Given a hardware load-out X, how many Ys can I get/run/host?” The frustrating answer always starts with “…it depends…”. We caveat this way not because we want to frustrate, but because it is true. Many teams will go on to say “We have tested the following in our labs and gotten the…


Love Me, Love My OS

There is an interesting IT Pro content development over  in KBs. When I go to a KB that does not apply to my current OS, I get this: This is frequent scenario for IT Pros because security best practice is to NOT browse the web from your server. So, if there is a problem on…


Duck, Duck, Goose: Can Non_Humans Participate in Community?

There’s an interesting experiment in community just started over at TechNet/MSDN called the Community Machine Translation Pilot. The first member of the community is the machine translation (MT) service (thanks Microsoft research!). The MT service (not HAL 9000, I just like the image as a referent to a non_human team member)  takes an article, for…


Using ConfigMgr to install software updates in an offline (disconnected/isolated) environment

Aaron Czechowski’s blog: ConfigMgr Software Updates on an Isolated Network Jeff Gilbert’s blog: