Power to the People

If you read this blog, you know about the TechNet Wiki I helped start a while ago. The wiki represents many kinds of awesome. The best of which is the people who care enough about technology, and the wiki, to contribute content. The wiki has been nominated for an internal Microsoft Engineering Excellence Award. More…


The CIO Has Spoken – Enterprise: Get-Social

If you are in IT, and you haven’t yet defined exactly what “social” means in your IT environment, best of luck to you catching up. See what they had to say at the CIO Summit: https://aka.ms/CIOSOC  


Server News – Free-as-in-beer App You Should Install Today

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an App that you could run on your Win8CP or Windows Phone 7 that “pushed” you important Windows Server news? Do you read blogs like Ben Armstrong, Virtualization Team, Mark Russinovich? Well colleagues Martin McClean (Poster Guy) and Brian Lich (Awesome Guy) have made an app for you. Server…


How to find stuff I wrote on TechNet Wiki

The business case for changes to the TechNet Wiki is complex. On the “fit for purpose” side of the equation, I try to explain the numbers thusly: 1. There are orders of magnitude more readers than contributors 2. There are orders of magnitude more contribute-once users than there are contribute-many-more-than-once contributors 3. Page views of…


The Non-Invisible Ninja – Ed Price

Ninjas in lore specialize in not being seen.  However, here is a group of community supporters inside Microsoft who are building community around the the TechNet wiki. Inside Microsoft, the employees working on this are called TechNet Ninjas. They are not so much into the hiding.  They have a blog. One of the most prolific*…


Just the Diff’s Ma’am

IT Pros have longed asked for a way to understand “what changed in this information that you just updated”? A change log. The diffs. On the TechNet Wiki you can see this by using the History tab. Example, we just updated the Hyper-V: Update List for Windows Server 2008 R2. It us around 2k words,…


I Am Curious (Tonyso)

Recently, I claimed to be mini-microsoft, and Spartacus. No one believed me My point was, on the internet, no one knows you are a dog… Unless you are part of the Technet/MSDN community!! As of today, if you click on the username of folks you see blogging/tagging/participating in the wiki/forums/galleries – you can see what…


How to get up and running on the TechNet Wiki

Microsoft has a wiki. It is called the TechNet Wiki. It is free-as-in-beer. A one minute “fly-through” video is at: https://youtu.be/gj5Ug0CEg70  One of the “wiki ninjas” (a group of wiki early adopters committed to helping others use the wiki) has compiled a nifty list of wiki articles that will help you get up and contributing…


IT Pro Camp

Like a lot of people in technology, I call myself an auto-didact. This means I like to fool myself into believing that I am largely “self-taught.” It is part of the mythical life of Americans in particular that the individual can succeed as a lone-wolf. I say mythical not in the sense that it doesn’t…


Why Wiki? Case Study #2 AD Domain Svcs Event ID Map

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a visual representation of all the event IDs for a service, let’s say for example the Microsoft Windows Active Directory Domain Service, and when you clicked on one of the IDs, you could “drill down” into more info on that event? Let me wiki that for you. Kudos…